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What can you expect from an SMS Coating Machine?

We have a long history of producing coating and dispensing machines, however coating is a discipline that allows for a few designs that can be tailored to suit almost any conformal coating requirement. This means that with our standard design models and your specific needs we can quickly come to a version of one of our machines that is exactly what you need. We don't adapt machines to fit your needs, we adapt our designs and every machine is a fresh build aimed at a specific customer. Produced in our ISO accredited facility, every machine is built within our standards in lean design and engineering and will emcompass many of the special techniques and technologies that we've developed and used in previous machines.

We also keep a close working relationship with industry figures to ensure that our offering is what the market wants and that we're aware of the latest in process and coatings. Structured design and tried and tested methods also go hand in hand with the importance we stress on user safety. Where any hazard is present, whether that comes from the machine or the consumables, we ensure that we do our best through intelligent design and on-the-top safety features to produce a machine that protects the user and other workers with a number of safety features.

One thing that our previous customers will tell you is that our machines are built to work, and to keep working. Using components from the best names in the automation industry we design and build machines that will continue to work for years, many of our machines are still in use across the globe and are well into the second decade of use.

We have tried and tested formulae for a wide variety of machines and can help with the surrounding ecosystemin the work area and can deliver a complete coating system. This can include automated board feed, automated movement to drying or curing machines, production line integration, PLC integration and much more. Tell us your needs and we'll pick up the conversation from there.


Benefits of machine coating with a custom machine

Machine coating has multiple benefits, add to that a machine that's made to fit into your production workflow, you'll find huge uplift from a hand finish process. The consistency of finish foremost is going to be greatly enhanced, the speed in which units are treated will be increased, user contact with coating materials will be greatly reduced and the amount of consumables you use will reduce due to a more rigid process. Coating can be a problematic business and moving to an automated solution will take many of the pains out of the job and increase the speed in which your business works.


Example machines from SMS

These are some examples of our machines, these are the typical types of machine we produce for our customers. With industry grade build, removable splash and sprayback areas and simple mechanisms adjust configurations, machines like this will transform what was previously a laborious and dirty task.


Example Automated Dip Coating Machine

A typical entry level conformal coating dip machine, this model was produced for a customer who had a need to coat a large number of pcb's of a different size and shape profile. Adding controls to vary the time profile of the dip allowed the customer to include multiple coating types to their production.

Type of coating performed: Full vertical dip coating

Type of actuation: Pneumatic
Our build options can include pneumatic or electric actuation.

Operation type: Analogue control
For complex or quality operations an HMI can be included.

Tank volume (max): 47,250cm3
Machines can be produced with tank sizes to fit the customer.

Operating volume (min): 15,500cm3

Safety cut off: Yes

Materials: Industrial grade metal construction

Input voltage: 110~240Vac

Dimensions (w x h x d): 95 x 190 x 75cm
Machines can be produced within or to specified dimensions.

Variable dip times: 2-120sec


Example Automated Spray Coating Machine

An intermediate level automated spray coating solution was the requirement for our customer, with a continuous production of 3 types of board this machine was programmed to know the spray pattern depending on the carrier used to hold the components. A future-proof design with potential for a vast number of patterns to be stored and utilised with integrated fume and particle extraction.

Type of coating performed: Selective spray coating

Type of actuation: Electric and twin robotic sprays (flood / precision)
Some spray tasks can be accomplished with just linear actuation.

Operation type: HMI, analogue and automatic detection

Typical pattern time: 16 per 40sec @75% coverage
Completion times are dependent on the complexity and volume.

Safety cut off: Yes, and door safe switches

Materials: Industrial grade metal construction

Input voltage: 110~240Vac

Dimensions (w x h x d): 140 x 220 x 80cm
Machines can be produced within or to specified dimensions.



Example Production Line Dip Coating Machine

A more advanced coating machine that uses a chain feed system to draw small pallets, each containing a number of boards, through the coating bath. The pallets are then rotated to allow the excess liquid to drip off in a collection area where it can be recycled into the tank. Systems like this one can also include a UV or IR curing section as part of the motion flow.

Type of coating performed: Full/part immersion dip coating

Type of actuation: Electric actuation

Operation type: PLC controlled with operator HMI
Systems like this can also be produced for stand-alone operation.

Typical time: 8 per 20sec
Completion times are dependent on the coating used.

Safety cut off: Yes, access panel safety and drive chain safety.

Materials: Industrial grade metal and clear viewing Perspex.

Input voltage: 110~240Vac

Dimensions (w x h x d): 340 x 110 x 120cm
Machines can be produced within or to specified dimensions.




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Why use conformal coating? Types of coating used on modern pcb production Coating application methods Coating machines from SMS Automation, tailored exactly to your business needs. Contact us with your requirements here.

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