ABB BSM C-Series

The BSM C-series has as standard, a higher inertia compared to other ABB brushless motors - thus providing an excellent match for equipment requiring higher inertial matching for the machine.

The goal of this series design was to increase torque while reducing package size (comparing to previous ABB series). The result was a torque increase of up to 50% in some models, with a package reduction of up to 50mm (2 inches).

• Up to 50% more torque in smaller package than previous designs - 3 standard frame sizes to choose
• Acceleration torques from 3.6 N-m (32 Lb-In) to 90 N-m (800 Lb-In)
• High output torque at low speed - continuous 1.2 N-m (10 Lb-In) to 30 N-m (265 Lb-In)
• Inertia range 1.8 - 42.6 Kg-cm2 ( .0016 - .038 Lb-In-s2)
• Standard windings for 160, 300, 600 bus volts- customs available
• Dependability designed in the high 155°C design
• Premium 200°C moisture resistant, multi-coated wire for reliability
• Extra high insulated stator for high voltage and current spike protection
• Superior bearings with Exxon PolyrexEM TM polyrex grease to provide 4 times greater life
• Rugged industrial construction to provide quality throughout the design
• Stock and customs available - IEC/NEMA designs
Coming Soon
AC Servo Motors & Servo Rated Gearheads (PDF, 3.1 MB) Installation & Operation Manual (PDF, 0.5 MB)

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