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Articulated, Scara and Cartesian Robots

Industrial robotics come in several forms such as Articulated Robots, Scara Robot and Cartesian Robots and no one choice “fits all”. The choice should begin by analysing the process, the desired outcome and what is likely to get in the way of the desired outcome being repeated. Once the robot is chosen it becomes very important to consider how the product will be presented, handled and subsequently moved on in the process whilst not presenting a danger to human operators.

Clearly when thinking about choosing a robot system it is important to consider many other engineering factors and you should consider discussing these with an experienced company such as SMS.

We have the capability to manufacture custom design robotics for automation and integrate safety which is an increasingly important factor when introducing a new machine to an existing process line.

Pick & Place

SMS have designed and built pick and place robots with pneumatic gripping systems for use in process and end-of-line applications.

Selecting the correct components for a pick and place system requires a good knowledge of machine electrical and mechanical engineering including pneumatics. Our pick and place systems are built using proven industrial components and we carry out detailed motion control analysis to ensure that the systems will not only operate to the required specification but will also operate reliably and safely.

Dispensing Robot

We have designed and developed a dispensing robot which is capable of selectively coating printed circuit boards or other media.

The system can be used for dispensing or other similar applications and one of its key strengths is that it was flexible enough to be customised if necessary.

Main features of the coating robot:

• 3 axis of base control X,Y,Z
• Option for twin head and valve systems
• Option for 5 axis with additional tilt and rotate on each head
• Batch or in-line conveyor system
• Fast 'on the fly' control of the valves
• Easy 'teach and learn' programming
• Windows XP operating system
• Options for camera and barcode readers
• Scalable system

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