Application and Technical Support

SMS Training Room

Service and support program for all components, systems and machines

All our engineers and technicians are trained to work on automation systems and carry out diagnostic and service work on a wide range of equipment ensuring that they are kept up to date with the latest systems and techniques and standards.

Very often we are able to solve a problem over the phone simply by understanding the application and identifying that the components are being driven beyond their limits and advising to re-arrange the mechanical configuration in order to maximise the capability of the driving component.

This level of knowledge is often only available from companies whose passion is machine building components and whose employees often have to enter design and commissioning.

Product Training

A range of different levels of product training can be provided to groups of up to 4 delegates at a time at our office in Barnsley, for more information on what products we provide training for and to what skill level please contact us.

Legacy Support

We often receive requests to support legacy products or consider retrofits. Below is a list of products for which we have very good knowledge but this is not exhaustive and so if your item is not on the list do not hesitate to call us.

•Allen Bradley Ultra 100
•Allen Bradley Ultra 200
•Electrocraft Bru Series
•Allen Bradley 1394
•Allen Bradley IMC-S-Class
•Allen Bradley SLC502, SLC 503, SLC 504, SLC 505
•Allen Bradley Control Logix all series
•Electrocraft F-Series motors
•Allen Bradley F-Series motors
•Allen Bradley 1326AB and 1326AS servo motors
•1746-HSRV modules - IMC -110 modules
•Rockwell Automation products
•Animatics SmartMotor™
•Stober SDS series servo drives

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