ABB Ability Smart Sensor for Motors


Be one step ahead of your motors with true predictive insight the moment your motors start any abnormal performance, not when they fail after the fact. Costly production time wastage caused by stoppages from motors can be avoided with ABB Ability Smart Sensors on your motors providing live performance data direct to your computer or mobile device.

The ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor converts traditional motors into smart, wirelessly connected devices. It is attached to the frame of the motor; no wiring or machining is needed. Using algorithms, based on ABB’s decades of motor expertise, the ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor relays information about the motor's operation and health via a Bluetooth-gateway or smartphone to a secure server.

The ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor picks up data on vibration, temperature and other parameters that can be used to gain meaningful information on the condition and performance of the motor.

  • ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor for motors can help you to
  • Identify inefficiencies within the system
  • Uncover potential for energy savings
  • Reduce risks related to operation and maintenance
  • Prevent unexpected breakdowns
  • Extend equipment lifetime
  • Reduce maintenance costs (maintenance can be planned according to actual needs rather than based on generic schedules)

Download Datasheet (PDF 160kb)

ABB Ability Smart Sensor for Motors
Datasheet (PDF 160kb)
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ABB offers an extensive range of motion and machine control solutions for diverse industrial applications such as labeling, packaging, bottling, pick and place, laser cutting/trimming, stacking, cut-to-length, flying shear, web feeders and high speed rotary wrappers.

With global representation and established proven technology we help manufacturers reduce energy consumption, increase equipment uptime, minimise maintenance and increase productivity.

Motion control solutions

ABB offers a range of motion control products, providing a complete motion solution for machine automation. Products include:

  • Motion control drives: Single and three phase
  • Servo motors
  • Inverter and vector drives
  • Multi-axis motion controllers
  • Operator panels

SMS Machine Automation and ABB

We are the Motion Partner for ABB in the UK, providing technical sales and support. In late 2020 ABB passed all direct motion accounts and the mantle of ABB Motion Support to SMS, allowing us to directly deal with and support many customers in and outside the UK. SMS are ABB AVP for Motion.

Simple to install and use
No wiring or machining is needed
Data transfer via built-in wireless Bluetooth® Low Energy
Data communications use industry standard encryption protocols
All data is securely stored in the cloud

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