Conformal Coating Machines

Standard and customised costing machines built in our UK workshop to a high level of quality. Unlike many machines on the market, our coating machines are fully constructed in our workshop, we do not buy and convert existing machines.

Conformal Coating

By understanding your business and the requirements of the coating market we can produce a machine that perfectly matches your requirements.

After many years experience in bespoke automated coating and liquid application, we bring design expertise and experience to a brand new series of coating machines. Built to an exacting standard and customised to your printed circuit assembly coating needs. Our proven design methods combined with components from the best names in automation. Built to exacting standards in our UK ISO accredited facility, our machines offer an automatic and economical conformal coating solution.

Our machines are designed to work with the latest conformal coating chemistry, including UV cure coating where UV shielding and moisture control are important for coating longevity. Built for factory automation they provide a tough, realiable solution for every full or partial dip coating requirement.

Machines are built to individual requirements from one of the following templates, each range of machinery brings further benefits from the previous, obviously many people start off with a hand coating process.

Dip coating machines can be built to your exact requirements. Our designers will customise machine size, dip speed, partial depth coating and provide solutions for any problematic part of your coating process. Any non-standard application can also be evaluated and a proposal prepared.

  • Features can include
  • Industry 4.0 data acquisition features
  • Automatic fluid viscosity control
  • Production line integration
  • UV curing process
  • Variable rate timing
  • Fume extraction
  • Temperature control

Coating Machine Styles

Conformal Coating

Tier 1: Pneumatic Dip Coaters

The simplest of the coating machines offered. Easy to use and simplistic construction for easy operation and cleaning. Speed of dip and depth of stroke can be adjusted via analogue controls. Requires compressed air for power. This is the machine of choice for most people who are upgrading from a hand dip or spray process, while it does not allow for much in the way of custom profiles it does offer a simple and reliable way to coat items in a consistent manner.

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Conformal Coating

Tier 2: Electric Dip Coaters

Similar to the pneumatic coater only electrically powered, safe separation is achieved to ensure safety with electronics and coating chamical gases. Offers more in terms of dip patterns, adjustable plunge and rise rates, highly configurable. The system can also be augmented with a number of upgrades depending on the chemistry of the coating you are using. Can be produced to run from 240VAC, 110VAC and other standards on request.

Download our leaflet about Dip Coating Machines - Click here

Conformal Coating

Tier 3: Electric Robotic Spray Coater (Selective)

When full coating is not an option due to non-coatable elements on the board or subject, selective spray coating offers the perfect alternative. More complex that the dip coating machines the spray coater requires programming for each different board, subject and spray pattern. Can be configured to spray and flood fill depending on the application. A very configurable and customisable machine that can lay down coatings in a precise, repeatable pattern time and again.

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Conformal Coating

Tier 4: Inline Coating Machine (Full, kiss and partial coating. High throughput)

When throughput is your problem an inline solution offers the highest level of automation in our coating machines, usually organised as a tray feed system multiple boards can be coated at once and if necessary, dried and cured as part of the same line. Can be configured to kiss coat, fully coat, or partial coat the board or subject.

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