Control Panel Design and Build

We have a large range of expertise in panel building, for our own designs and working to customer specifications, with current projects including foodstuffs, construction and nuclear fuel control. Working with a wide range of technologies we can support your business needs in control panel design, upgrade and refurbishment. Our meticulous design and build processes, coupled with lean engineering principals ensure that our work is completed to a high degree of quality and with little or no waste therefore we can offer a very competitive rate in panel design.

Most of us have seen a well-organised control panel out in a factory and they're immediately obvious! Likewise a poorly designed panel stands out like a sore thumb when you see it - badly planned, disorganised, poor or no labelling, wires falling out at every angle.

The cleanness is the first thing that apparent with a well-designed panel, but cleanness is really a culmination of a number of factors of panel design. As with any work that we undertake our customers' satisfaction is paramount and we work as closely as possible with you to deliver your project on time and on budget, in many cases our access to products direct from manufacturers will result in a very cost effective job compared to purchasing components from varied distributors. We can also take complicated designs and produce a new panel that takes into account end user clarity and safety, ergonomic design and logical grouping and layout of controls. We can even install and test the panels for you on site if you don't have the expertise or resource to do it in your timeframe. Our engineers are used to working on high-profile sites and have gone through rigorous security checks to be able to work on some of our projects.

If you'd like to see more examples of our work, have a chat about your requirements, or would like to send us the spec of your job we'd love to hear from you. We welcome any type of enquiry