MOTION CONTROL: Creating order from chaos

Delivering a steady stream of awkwardly shaped subjects

Motion Control Example: Identifying and eliminating bottlenecks

For a lot of machine applications, the subjects of motion control arrive in an ordered, even indexed manner. In some cases though this isn't possible and you end up with a sack or box of non-uniform items that need to come into a harmonic arrangement that allows them to be fed into an automation project.

For sure, there are machine vision options that could see items and deliver information to a gripper that would correct orientation, but that takes time, processing power and it can be costly and tricky technology to employ depending on the situation. However in this case our process required a steady stream of metal badges, to be presented at a rate quicker than one per second.

A subsystem was devised that could, without major mechanical parts, produce the required flow rate from an input where the operators could scoop or toss a large number of badges in a random fashion into the input.

Have a tricky subject of your own?

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