MOTION CONTROL: It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it

Getting reliable performance from a system in a challenging environment

Motion Control Example: It's a dirty job

A job that was designed originally to run with a pneumatic cylinder, worked for a while and started to slow, thus affecting the customer's whole line.

The customer engaged us to address the problem with their system and what we found was an environment that meant the actuator was constantly drenched in lubricant fluid and grime, this was causing the original force that was required to gradually slip outside of the desired parameters. To address this problem we proposed a solution using a Moog SmartMotor driven actuator that would be able to provide the desired torque for every stroke, regardless of the amount of debris.

To complete the solution an SMC sealed ball screw actuator was used to ensure that no ingress could get inside the cylinder and would limit the contamination to the exposed areas only. The SmartMotor alone was configured to the customer's Siemens PLC system and was able to fit in perfectly and provide feedback to the master system from the actuator about position and delivered forces.

We've provided solutions for a number of challenging and critical environments.

If you have a challenging brief for a machine or system we're happy to take a look and help you automate. Get in touch and our engineering team will take a look and get back to you.

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