MOTION CONTROL: Spin the bottle

Dealing with similar but not identical subjects requires extra thought

Motion Control Example: Spin the bottle

As part of a bigger process we needed to rotate bottles to a desired orientation, as the bottles are all slightly different due to the manufacture process this proved to be a tricky task.

However after creating a custom nest for the product to sit in it was possible to feel for the correct position using the torque sensitivity of a Moog SmartMotor. As this was a stage of a multi part process it was important that the datum point of the bottle was found very quickly. To the untrained eye you may think that the motion is the same for every bottle, but if you look closely you'll notice that the bottles are all turned by a different amount and there is no indecision at the point where the correct placement is achieved.

Another benefit from the SmartMotor technology in this example is the fact that cabling is reduced to a minimum and the required sensing happens on the motor, which is able to provide immediate feedback to the PLC in the machine when the correct position has been found.

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