DIP AND DISPENSE: Stick and place

Some substances need a little encouragement if you want permanent solutions.
For this top brand name image is everything and they wanted it well stuck on.

Dip and Dispense Example: Stick and place

Many adhesive processses happen by hand, but automated solutions are required when you can't keep up with the demand or the hand process doesn't provide repeatable accuracy every time.

Our subject was an oxidised metal badge onto a freshly produced glass bottle, the badge had gaps so adhesive had to be applied carefully and in the right amount so that it didn't become visible in the finished product. The product would after the fact be subject to fluctuations in temperature and humidity depending on the wide number of possible outlets the product would be available.

For this task an articulated robot would dispense the required extrusion of glue in the right shape, which would then be quickly passed to the next stage where the metal emblem would be applied.

An investigation into the best performing glue and curing process was also undertaken to ensure that we were using the best, most up-to-date substances and curing processes available.

During our work it was clear that there were a number of contaminants between the metal and glass and to achieve the best adhesion automated steps would be taken to reduce the contaminants, thus creating a very difficult to remove emblem even with a lot of force.

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