DIP AND DISPENSE: First steps in automated coating

Our entry level machines are cost efficient and provide a great starting point when moving from a hand coating process.

Dip and Dispense Example: First steps in automated coating

Perform automated coating operations with ease with a machine solution, we will work with you to understand the best customisations you need to provide the right profile of motion for coating.

How the piece is held, how long it needs to dip, the optimum extraction speed and many other factors can be considered to create the ideal machine for your needs. The machine shown here provides an even covering of an air drying acrylic conformal coating to waterproof electronics. An automated solution ensures that only a permissible amount is applied to the pieces and with consistency.

Suffering from inconsistent coating? or want to make the task easier?

We have many years of experience in a number of coating markets and have a wealth of expertise to design into our solutions. Tell us as much about your process as you can including the coatings used, what you currently do and the reasons you want an automated solution. Our machine coating specialists will evaluate your needs and offer you a solution, or a range of options.

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