DIP AND DISPENSE: Unconventional Dipping

If you're finding there's an issue with the way your coating applies to an object, we can help.

Dip and Dispense Example: Unconventional Dipping

For many common coating applications there are tried and tested solutions. Sometimes though we're presented with something new and challenging, whether that's a tricky subject, novel dip substances or special curing requirements, in this example we have a combination of all three.

A small but heavy subject, we can't grip it too hard for risk of damaging, we also have constraints in the ways we can handle the subject, the coating substance is air drying so the tank of liquid requires constant movement to avoid surface skinning and a better finish is accomplished by providing infra-red heat immediately after the subject has been coated. The whole machine is also designed for full scrub down to remove any traces of coating substance.

The finished machine is capable of handling an array of 64 subjects and batch processing from a single button press. Previously the customer performed a manual process to coat the subjects and required a high amount of exposure to the substance which has been eliminated with the investment in automation.

When producing a steady throughput with a reliable finish becomes a problem automation has the solution.

Are you looking for a reliable dipping or coating system that's designed around your process and built to eliminate the problems you have with your current method? Whether that's throughput, coverage, thickness or partial coating solutions we may already have the answer. Get in touch and we'll let you know what we can do to solve your problems.

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