DIP AND DISPENSE: Partial coating application machines

It can be tricky to consistently coat only part of an object, we have a lot of experience in getting only the right bits covered.

Dip and Dispense Example: Partial coating application machines

Partial dip, kiss coating, spray application, partial flooding, coating masks, boots... we've been involved with a lot of complex coating applications, many of them we can't share directly but we can give you a flavour of some of the coating machines we've produced.

We may be able to offer advice not only on the machine but the options you have to achieve your desired coating profile with fully automated systems with automatic input drying or curing and output. Our understanding of chemical coating technology will help us define a smart solution for you in the most efficient manner we can engineer.

Let us help with your complex coating application.

Coating machines and coating has been part of our business for many years and we can offer a wealth of experience when producing machines that are considerate to user, coating substance and are designed to produce the exact finish required. Let us know what you want to do and our application team will be in touch to talk to you about your coating requirement.

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