PICK AND PLACE: Pick and Pace!

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Pick and Place Example: Pick and Pace!

Our customer manufactures critical building reinforcement products, one of these products involves lengths of rebar that have their ends forged into a particular profile, to accomplish the profile the rebar passes through 4 stages of forming to create the desired shape.

The customer had already attempted to automate the process with an articulated robotic solution and magnetic grippers, however the rebar as a subject had proved difficult to move and desired results could only be achieved at low speeds. Through an initial period of testing and prototyping that required a parallel system was created where a number of bars could be moved through the forge press system at the same time and in a way which reduced any angular momentum in their 'flight-path'.

Our solution uses three electric linear actuators to create the desired movement profile and lifting force actuating a customer three-claw gripper design. The final machine reduces the amount of operator input required, reduced lifting effort and increased the throughput of the customers forge press system.

Not every pick and place job can be completed in the same way and finding the best way to do something is not always the obvious way.

If you have a challenging pick and place problem that you'd like us to look at we'd be very happy to hear from you and help apply our years of experience in gripper design and technology to a solution for your process.

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