SMART FACTORY: Gain benefits of IIoT with your current equipment

Smart condition monitoring available as retrofit

Smart Factory Example: Gain benefits of IIoT with your current equipment

How can you keep the same equipment but benefit from the latest technology in smart factory management?

ABB Ability offers you the chance to retrofit modules to a range of industrial equipment. Once connected with an add-on module or in-built Ability each separate node can be measured from a decentralised cloud system. With the potential to predict failure before it happens Ability customers find themselves more in control and able to prevent lengthy stoppages in production.

ABB is a market leader in automation and the Ability program represents a huge amount of industry knowledge which can be applied in ABB's cloud giving you realtime understanding of the stress points of your production. Failure prediction is only the beginning of the story though, watch ABB's video to find our more and see how Ability can transform the way you manage your 21st Century business.

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Let us know and we will be able to help you understand how it could add value to your production uptime and how it could be applied to your existing equipment.

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