POWER AND CONTROL: New lamps for old

We can provide managed upgrade paths to ensure your automation systems stays in shape.

Power and Control Example: New lamps for old

Technology evolves, that's a fact of modern life, while most industrial equipment providers give users a pathway to upgrade, when it comes to an old machine you may only be aware of this when you find out that the parts you need are two or three generations old.

Our wide ranging knowledge of motor and drive technology serves us well to help machine owners in this predicament and provide solutions to ensure future machine operation. Solutions available for end-users of machines and machine OEMs.

As an ABB AVP Motion Partner we're also able to offer you very competitive pricing when upgrading to ABB drives and motors and First Class support that is typified by ABB's exclusive AVP programme.

If you're stuck with a problem of older technology and are looking for a suitable upgrade path...

We have a lot of experience dealing with all manner of old, 'exotic' equipment and should be able to offer you options to bring you and your systems up to date. Whether your problem is with drives, motors, control or other aspects of machine upgrade, let us know what your current situation is and we'll be in touch.

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