ROBOTS: Factory scale system for hands off handling

Critical handling by Cartesian systems

Robots Example: Factory scale system for hands off handling

Robots are great at some things. In critical environments they can perform operations that aren't safe for a person and can handle weights far beyond the capability of a manual operator. In this system we pick up rods from a start point and convey them to part of the machine that checks some parameters, in most cases the rod passes the tests and is deposited into a larger vessel.

When the rod fails the test it can potentially be corrected by going through a secondary process in this machine, the rod is conveyed to that station and after the process has been completed it is returned to the test station, if it's good this time it goes to the collection area otherwise it is moved somewhere else and separated from the flow of good rods.

The machine is integrated into the customers Rockwell PLC systems and is completely built to the customer's demand on the Allen Bradley ControlLogix Platform. Linear motion is provided by NTN-SNR rails and SMC end actuators.

An immense amount of work went into every aspect of delivering this machine for the customer from gripper design to factory integration. Due to the customer's line of work we also have stringent requirements in terms of documentation and drawings which we have a lot of experience delivering.

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