SMART FACTORY: Custom Conveyors for Smart Foodstuffs

Made to measure conveyors deliver exact requirements for customer

Custom Conveyors for Smart Foodstuffs

What benefits are offered by custom made conveyor systems?

Conveyors bridge the gaps and organise the pieces between many robotic systems and pick and place operations. Building custom conveyors for robotic picking or for dispensing into packages provides many advantages over stock, off the shelf conveyors. In this case the conveyor allowed room only for the small item that would be inserted into a 'ready food' packaging carton. Motion delivered by the servo driven belts allows for the fine speed control necessary in many high speed, accuracy matters applications.

The dimensions of the systems were critical due to a replacement of a prior system which needed to change due to end customer requirements and a change in the inserted item, servo-driven control allows the PLC robotic environment that they will go into to manage the speed and pull or close gaps to keep time with the rest of the line. As with all food and beverage installations, the custom conveyors also allowed for specific materials to be used that matched the stringent policy enforced on all the customer's sites.

Having efficient conveyors are a key part of many motion control scenarios, they allow for precise knowledge about the position of key subjects that will be repeatedly inserted, worked upon, or otherwise manipulated. A good conveyor system can also include elements of physical and visual checking that the subject is in the desired position, ensuring a hit every time.

Do your conveyors let you down?

If you're finding mis-hits, empty stations, or pile ups; you could raise a lot of efficiency by getting smart, fast and bespoke conveyors.

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