SmartMotor Acutators


SMS Machine Automation have had a long working relationship with Moog, Moog Animatics and previously Animatics. It's a product that we have found a wide range of uses for, but probably the most powerful use we've used is the Smart Actuator. The inbuilt controller technology of the SmartMotor enable system streamlining and enhance machine creativity. Actuators can be programmed to work independently, in pairs, as teams, each one doing the same thing or different movement profiles - acting on live IO between other SmartMotors and a wider CAN, or Ethernet based protocol - many options are available, as are the possibilities of a Smart Actuator.

Linear and rotary actuators can be Smart enabled, maybe you already have the actuation and the SmartMotor can be fitted to an existing system to provide enhanced performance. We can also use and provide one of a huge range of SMC motorless electric actuators with a SmartMotor and provide everything you need; from the kit and the manuals to a full-on mechatronic subassemby to fit into your motion process or industrial system.

Tell us what you need from a Smart Actuator and we'll get back to you with a Smart Idea.

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