Moog Animatics SmartMotor Class 5 D-Style


SmartMotor™ is a highly programmable, integrated servo motor system that is integrated with a motor, an encoder, an amplifier, a controller, RS-232/RS-485 communication, and IOs.

Dual Trajectory Path Generators

Velocity Mode and Electronic Gearing summed together

Dedicated firmware command set of traverse and take up winders

Available with Combitronic™, the parallel-processing system

Download Class 5 Brochure (PDF 3MB)

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Class 5 Brochure
Brochure (PDF 3MB)
SmartMotor Catalogue
Catalogue (PDF 7MB)
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Moog's expertise is in providing high performance motion control solutions combining electric, hydraulic, and hybrid technologies to help performance-driven companies develop their next-generation machines. From designing and manufacturing products and solutions to providing expert consultative support, Moog collaborates with customers in many of the world's most challenging industrial applications.

Moog's industrial offering includes:

  • Electro-mechanical motion control products; Motors, SmartMotor, alternators, resolvers, synchros, air moving, positional sensors
  • Motion assemblies
  • Multiplexers and media converters
  • Slip rings
  • Solenoids

SMS Machine Automation and Moog

We are the Authorised Distribution Partner for Moog in the UK. This gives us access to Moog's extensive portfolio of products for Industry who also provide our business with training and support in their products. Moog provide many products unavailable elsewhere in the market and also provide products that have specifications higher that other similar products.

Moog Authorised Distributor

All D-style SmartMotors have a primary RS-232 comm port
All D-style SmartMotors have 7 channels 5V TTL NON-ISOL I/O
Optional 10 channels expanded 24VDC ISOL I/O
Dedicated Encoder out
Operating temperature range: 0°C-85°C
Storage temperature range: -10°C-85°C, non-condensing
D Style SmartMotors
Power Rating
Speed (No Load)
SM17205D NEMA 17 D-Style 145 Watts 7900 rpm
SM23165D NEMA 23 D-Style 181 Watts 10400 rpm
SM23165DT NEMA 23 D-Style 204 Watts 5200 rpm
SM23205D NEMA 23 D-Style 226 Watts 8100 rpm
SM23305D NEMA 23 D-Style 220 Watts 5600 rpm
SM23405D NEMA 23 D-Style 253 Watts 5300 rpm
SM23375D NEMA 23 D-Style 191 Watts 8000 rpm
SM23375DT NEMA 23 D-Style 186 Watts 4000 rpm
SM34165D NEMA 34 D-Style 235 Watts 3100 rpm
SM34165DT NEMA 34 D-Style 615 Watts 5100 rpm
SM34205D NEMA 34 D-Style 324 Watts 4500 rpm
SM34305D NEMA 34 D-Style 400 Watts 4100 rpm
SM34405D NEMA 34 D-Style 438 Watts 3800 rpm
SM34505D NEMA 34 D-Style 527 Watts 3300 rpm

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