Our team of engineers and designers work together to create mechanical and electrical designs for a multitude of purposes.

Our design and manufacture teams both employ rapid technologies as part of a dynamic design and build process. The use of 3D printing has become the norm to validate complex parts and often significant improvements are built-in through rapid iterative designs.

We can also print certain parts for production in a number of durable materials, our latest printer is capable of producing parts in high tech materials like carbon fibre. We also have capabilities to produce parts with multiple materials – items such as adaptor plates that would have taken a few days to turn around in a machine shop can be ready overnight.

We use Markforged and Stratasys printers and manufacture parts in ABS, Onyx, Carbon Fibre, Nylon and other materials as required.

Utilising rapid design technologies along with the company’s lean approach to design and engineering our process results in a better end product, for less money in a faster time – all of which greatly benefit our customers.

3d Printing with Markforged