One of the more common calls we take is about a customer's existing, often old, machinery. Can we get it working again, can we add new parts to bring it up to date, or can we replicate what this machine did with newer technology? In many cases we can help.

System integration and rebuild of existing machines at SMS.

It’s not always time for a new machine, even if some of it is failing, upgrading key parts may be all that is required. We are able to advise on rebuild and integration of new technologies into your current automated machines. In some cases the technology gap may be too much, but in most cases we can provide rebuild solutions that enable you to improve a current machine without the amount of capital expenditure and time that a new machine would cost.

We have also created updated versions of older machines that perform the same process but more efficiently; providing faster production, using less energy and working in a more precise fashion that today’s technology allows.

We also are called upon and able to integrate new technology, subassemblies and machines into larger production systems.

If you have requirements to rebuild or integtrate - we're waiting to hear from you. Please contact us.