New Products

SMC's new cobot end effectors and information about IO-Link remote valve products from SMC.

SMC AC Servo Slider Actuators

SMC provides a great variety of electric actuators for transfer any type of load and in any condition, from motorless actuators to full equipped solutions.

SMC AC Servo Slider Actuators

Similar to the Slider except these utilise an AC rather than DC motor, providing more power. The drivers are pulse input with incremental and absolute options.

SMC Rod and Guided Rod Actuators

Rod and Guided Rod Actuators employ guide rods mounted parallel to the actuator to provide stable, non-rotating, high side load performance.

SMC Slide and Rotary Tables

SMC electric slide tables provide a powerful and precise way to perform linear motion and come in a range of sizes to suit your industrial manufacturing requirements. Used in automatic transfer systems and many other applications. Pay particular attention to the specialised SMC Card Motor, designed for very small movements where sometimes an over-specced alternative is used. SMC Rotary tables provide seamless rotation through a pivot and are used in a multitude of applications.

SMC Grippers

SMC provide a variety of two and three-finger grippers for precision pick and place operations. Based on their proven pneumatic technology, SMC's grippers provide a dependable solution or a platform to build a custom solution upon.

SMC Electric Actuator Controllers and Drivers

Multiple options for control in most ranges, SMC provide matched controllers for every product. Control for stepper and servo systems with mutiple control protocols available.