FLEX-6 and Flexslice EtherCAT Controller

Powerful, compact and flexible, the FLEX-6 Nano is an integrated EtherCAT solution offering up to 64 Axes of motion. It is expandable through the matching Flexslice range of Input, Output and Axis modules.

EtherCAT Motion Controllers

The Motion Coordinator system allows you to control up to 128 servo or stepper motors with Digital I/O and additional equipment such as HMI's all controlled from a single master. Systems may be used with a stand alone program or alternatively commands can be sent from an external computer.

CAN I/O Expansion Modules

Trio's range of digital and analogue input/output expansion modules are designed to enable simple and scalable and low-cost I/O extension for their Motion Coordinators. In addition to 24V input, output and bi-directional modules, there are relay and analogue I/O modules.

Conventional Motion Controllers

Conventional motion controllers built upon ARM Processors, designed to provide powerful and cost effective control solutions for OEM machine builders.

UNIPLAY HMI and Other Products

TRIO Motion's native UNIPLAY HMI provides a revolutionary way to make operator interfaces better, easier and more secure! The UNIPLAY series boasts 7 and 10-inch colour display.