VMA Miki Pulley Servoflex Couplings


We offer the full range of Servoflex Couplings.

Ranges include; Servoflex SFC SA2, Servoflex SFC DA2, Servoflex SFF SS B, Servoflex SFF SS K, Servoflex SFF DS B, Servoflex SFF DS K, Servoflex SFS S, Servoflex SFS W, Servoflex SFS G, Servoflex SFM B, Servoflex SFM K, Servoflex SFH S and Servoflex SFH G.

Contact us for datasheets and catalogue material for these ranges or check Miki Pulley.

How to order

If you'd like to order parts or get a quotation there are a number of options to suit your preference. Whether you know the parts, numbers and options you need or if you require help in choosing the right items, our sales team are here to help.

By email - Send an email to sales (at) automation.co.uk

By telephone - 01226 771 630

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